Can't Quite Reach it!? The 11 Best Reacher Grabbers!

Are you short or have challenges reaching items in high places. Well, you can now stop relying on stools or weak ladders and enjoy a hassle-free access to everything you need by taking advantage of reacher grabbers. The tools are handy and reliable to use not only by short individuals but also people with limited mobility and elderly.  With these amazing tools, you can have quick access to anything, be it a cup, clothes, cooking recipes, changing light bulbs, picking litter on your yard or even accessing those thorny shrubs. But just before you can spend on any tool you need to take some time and compare how different model features will help you achieve all this. Remember these tools are not the same and while some are multipurpose, others will limit you to complete certain tasks. Who would love to spend money on a tool and still get limited on what to do with it? We can bet no one. To avoid any disappointments, below is a list of some of the quality models we have selected and reviewed to aid you in identifying the best reacher grabber. Our detailed shopping guide will enlighten you on what to look for in a reaching aid. But just before then, here is a comparison table.

Best Pick

Ettore 49036 Reacher Grabber Our best pick goes to Ettore 49036 Reacher Grabber. The tool features a rustproof and lightweight aluminum and plastic construction with a comfy grip and rubberized grip for better traction. Its head can swivel 90 degrees allowing vertical and horizontal positioning making it an ideal pick for clean-up and all-purpose pickup.

​Budget Pick

Unger 36 Inch Reacher Grabber Our best budget on the list goes to Unger 36 inch reacher grabber. The reacher is affordable and boasts of its magnetic tip for use on small objects and its rubberized grips for preventing damage to your items. A lightweight aluminum pole facilitates easy pick-up and minimizes fatigue levels which makes it ideal for clean-up and the elderly.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Reacher Grabbers

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1. Ettore 49036 Reacher Grabber 

Ettore 49036 Reacher Grabber

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Rubberized jaws for safe lifting even for the small items
  • Lightweight
  • Can hold up to 5lbs
  • Picks items low or high minimizing any need for bending or straining your knees
  • Comfy grip for minimizing repetitive motion
  • 34 inch long with a 32-inch grip and grab reach
Pick items low or high without stooping or standing on a stool by taking advantage of this fantastic reacher grabber from Ettore. The tool is designed using a sleek and lightweight material which enables you to reach items in tight places. Its grip is ergonomically designed to offer you added comfort and to minimize any chances of repetitive motion. With this grabber, you can pick up to 5 pounds, thanks to its rubberized jaws. The tool is versatile and ideal for use at home or even in your yard, a great feature which allows you to minimize strain levels.

2. Unger 36 Inch Reacher Grabber

Unger 36 Inch Reacher Grabber

Highlighted Features

  • Made using a lightweight aluminum pole
  • High claw gripping power
  • Handy
  • Has an inbuilt magnet for holding delicate metals
  • Can grip small items firmly like a coin and large ones of up to 8 pounds
  • Adds an additional 36 inches to your length
Unger grip and grab tool have been designed using high craftsmanship to provide easy grip and grab of your items on low and high levels without straining. The tool features a lightweight aluminum pole with rubberized grippers which enable you to pick items faster without damaging them. The rubber tip also facilitates easy grip and grab of small items like coins, nails among others. An inbuilt magnate is also integrated into this tool to allow easy grabbing of metal which tends to be slippery minimizing any chances of causing damages. Its claws have a high gripping power of clapping small as well as heavy items of up to 8 pounds. Besides using it to pick items, this amazing tool can be utilized for cleaning and on the garden.

3. Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomically trigger handle
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Has high gripping power claws which can hold small-sized and heavy items of up to 5 pounds
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made using a corrosion resistant aluminum
  • Add 32-inch additional length
  • Has inbuilt hanger for easy storage
Are you battling with arthritis or have limited mobility, back pains or recovering from surgery? Then this Vive reacher grabber is worth a try. The tool features a well-brushed lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for easy grip and grabbing of items without getting overwhelmed by its weight. Its two suction cups are well rubberized to hold even delicate items like glass or metal firmly without damaging them. Picking small items that have dropped on the ground has been made easy. Thanks to the wide leaf styled jaws which close perfectly well holding your items tight minimizing any chances of repetitive motion. Its jaws have a high gripping power and can hold heavy items of up to 5 pounds. The handle is ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort and fit perfectly on your hands minimizing your fatigue levels even after extended use. Aside from picking items, you can also take advantage of this grabber to change light bulbs easily and faster without any need of stepping on a stool. The tool offers an additional 32-inch additional length making it easy to pick items on tight places. It can also be used in the yard as a nabber extender or as a litter collector giving you the freedom to utilize it when need be. An inbuilt hanger has been integrated into this amazing tool for easy storage when not in use.

4. Duro-Med Reacher Grabber

Duro-Med Reacher Grabber

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers great gripping power needed to pick small, delicate and large items with ease
  • Adds 36 inches to your reach
  • Made using high quality and lightweight material
  • Handy
  • Magnetic with extra rubber tips for picking most fragile items
  • Ideal for use indoors and outdoors
  • Comfy grip
Increase your reach up to 36 inches and pick items on hard to reach areas faster with this Duro-Med grabber. The tool has great features which help facilitate smooth grip and grabbing while minimizing repetitive motion. Its trigger handle is designed using a high-quality lightweight plastic material for extended use. Its reacher grabber boasts of a 2-inch length and ½ inch jaw opening with tips which interlocks perfectly well while delivering a great power required to grip your items without dropping them. To prevent breakage of delicate items, the tool has extra rubberized tips which enable you to pick even the most fragile items. That's not all; the grabber is magnetic a feature which ensures metal and delicate glass are held securely all the time. This makes the tool not only ideal for use at home but also in workshops or garages. Its trigger is user-friendly and facilitate easy and quick grip and grab of your items minimizing strain levels.

5. FitPlus Premium Reacher Tool

FitPlus Premium Reacher Tool

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use grip
  • Rotating head which rotates up to 180 degrees
  • Ergonomically designed to offer comfort
  • Affordable
  • Facilitates easy grabbing
  • Adds 32 inches to your reach
Fitplus reacher grabber is a premium designed tool that touts of its easy grip handle which has been rubberized and well contoured to fit your hand and fingers facilitating easy picking of items on low or high tight areas. It has a rotating head which can revolve 180 degrees allowing you to easily rotate it and pick items on different angles without any need for bending or straining your knees. With this tool, you can pick items from envelopes, coins, litter, to bottles and tins with ease. Overall, the FitPlus reacher is affordable and designed to fit perfectly on your hands providing the comfort you need to pick up your items.

6. RMS 19" Grabber Reacher

RMS 19 Grabber Reacher

Highlighted Features

  • Slip-resistant jaw with high gripping power
  • Add 19 inches to your reach
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Well-padded handle for user comfort
  • Built to last
Using a long grabber when on a wheelchair can sometimes be challenging. There are those times that you need to pick items that are not far, and this is where the short reacher grabbers come in. This RMS model adds 19 inches to your reach helping you to easily pick items not far from your sitting position. Its jaws lock and rotates at 90 degrees both vertically and horizontally enabling you to pick items easily. An anti-slip material is coated on the jaws to help prevent items from dropping. Its handle is well padded with ergonomic grip for user comfort especially when used for long hours. Unlike other regular grabbers that tend to bend or break with time, this RMS is designed to withstand the test of time. It’s designed using a superior quality aluminum shaft which is rust resistant. Inside is a steel cable which allows you to enjoy using the tool for years to come.

7. BirdRock Home Reacher Grabber

BirdRock Home Reacher Grabber

Highlighted Features

  • Adds 32 inches to your reach
  • Comfy handle
  • 90 degrees rotating rubber head for easy vertical and horizontal positioning
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber jaws with high gripping power
This BirdRock reacher is dedicated to helping you pick items in horizontal or vertical positions without any need to wake up from your sitting position. The tool boasts of an adjustable rubber head which makes picking items on different positions a breeze. An exceptionally lightweight aluminum has been used to design this great reacher making it comfy even when used for long. Its handle has rubber padding which has been well contoured to fit your hands minimizing your fatigue levels. With just a single trigger, this BirdRock reaching aid will grip and grab your item firmly minimizing repetitive motion. Its rubber jaws safely hold your items with care minimizing any chances of damage. The tool is crafted to facilitate hassle-free picking of items while enjoying efficiency and comfort at its best.

8. Calibre Care Reacher Grabber

Calibre Care Reacher Grabber

Highlighted Features

  • Designed using a lightweight and rustproof aluminum material
  • Easy to use trigger
  • Padded handle for added comfort
  • Non-slip rubber jaws
  • Multi-purpose reaching reacher
  • 4.5-inch precise jaws
  • 90 degrees swiveling head for reaching items on tight places
  • Help improve independence and a better life for people with dexterity, arthritis and limited movement
Caliber Care reaching aid is designed to help you improve the quality of your life when picking items low or high without any need to strain your legs or bending. Its grip has high precision, firm non-slip jaws which enable you to reach even the small items on tight places easily. Its mechanism is made using high-quality materials which deliver smooth operation regardless of the size of the item you reaching out. Nothing can ruin the fun like a reacher grabber which limits you on the items you can reach. But with this multi-purpose reaching aid, you will enjoy happy grabbing. The body is designed using a rust-proof, lightweight aluminum material which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Its handle is rubberized for a comfortable and secure grip. Not forgetting its ergonomically designed trigger which delivers smooth mechanism for accurate reach and grabbing.

9. PikStik Pro Aluminum Reacher

PikStik Pro Aluminum Reacher

Highlighted Features

  • Non-slip rotating jaws
  • Adds 32 inches to your reach
  • Made with ultra-lightweight and rustproof material
  • Can lift items of up to 5 pounds
  • Handy and comfy
  • 360 degrees strong polycarbonate rotating jaws
  • Convenient and reliable trigger
Pick items on any angle by making use of this reaching aid from PikStik. The reacher boasts of its 360 degrees swiveling head which allows you to easily navigate through tight areas and pick your items with less strain. With a single trigger of 1 inch, its 5.5-inch jaws tightly close holding your item firmly without dropping or damaging it. Its grip features a pistol design and provides a secure grip at any angle. The jaws are made of a sturdy polycarbonate material and deliver excellent gripping power for small and heavy items of up to 5 pounds. A durable, rustproof and lighlightweight tweight thermoplastic resin has been utilized to ensure you use your reaching aid both indoors and outdoors without worrying. Aside from reaching items on low or high positions, the reacher can also be used for cleaning or collecting litter in your garden without any need for bending. The Pro series comes in varied sizes and colors giving you the freedom to choose one that you like.

10. Sammons Preston Reacher

Sammons Preston Reacher

Highlighted Features

  • Built using long lasting and lightweight aluminum material
  • User-friendly trigger
  • Magnetic tip for holding small and delicate items firmly
  • Holds items with 1 pound weight or less
  • Comfy
  • 3-inch serrated jaws
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
Add a 32 inch to your reach and pick items on high or low levels with ease by taking advantage of this reaching aid from Sammons Preston. For more than 50 years, the company has made history as one of the leading market leaders of quality home care and daily living products and this reaching aid is not an exception. The reaching aid has been designed using superior quality materials to help you not only pick items easily but also offer extra comfort. The trigger is user-friendly and ideal for use by elderly, young, or people with limited mobility. Picking small items has also been made easy. Thanks to its magnetic tip which makes grabbing items easy. The jaws are rubberized to offer good grip for delicate items. Its 3 inch jaws are designed to pick items weighing one pound or less.

11. RMS 26" Long Grabber Reacher

RMS 26 Long Grabber Reacher

Highlighted Features

  • Add 26 inches to your reach
  • Yellow cli[p fasteners
  • Ergonomically designed handle and trigger
  • Magnetic tips for picking small items
  • Made using lightweight aluminum
  • Handy
This RMS reaching aid boats of its 26-inch frame which helps you pick items with minimal strain. Its body is designed with a lightweight aluminum material to ensure you do not suffer from wrist pain. Its handle trigger is ergonomically designed to offer you a secure and comfy grip each time when you using the tool. Through its magnetic tips, you can easily pick small items like coins without much strain. The reaching aid has yellow clip fasteners which help you keep your wheelchair, canes or walkers close. With this amazing tool, you can improve the quality of life by reducing back pains as well as becoming more independent.

Benefits of using reacher grabbers

Reduce dependency

People with limited mobility, arthritis, hand dexterity, disabled or individuals recuperating from surgery have challenges when picking items even on low heights. This increases the dependency levels but with the help of a reaching aid, one can easily pick clothes, phones, coins or items on a high or low level without straining the body. The tools are designed with great features to help people with certain conditions complete easy tasks faster without having to rely on their loved ones for help.

Promote healthy life

Reaching out tins or objects on tight places or high grounds can strain your back, knees or hands causing more stress on these joints. A reaching aid is dedicated to helping you pick your items with ease helping you improve the quality of life.


Unlike stools and ladders which may increase the chances of getting injured, reaching aids do not. The tools are user-friendly and designed not only to provide a smooth mechanism but also facilitate a safe and secure grip even for the most delicate items like glass or metal without damaging them.

Saves time

Reacher gabbers minimize the need for repetitive motion. So you do not need to spend hours trying to pick one item.


With a reacher grabber, cleaning your yard is fun and easy. The tools facilitate better collection of your littered yard and reaching out those tight prickly shrubs easily while eliminating any need for bending. They possess great features which make them ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.    

Factors to Consider When Buying a Reacher Grabber

Just like any other tool, shopping for your reaching aid requires a lot of vigilance to ensure you get nothing but the best quality that perfectly satiates your needs. and here is what to look for in a reacher grabber.

Reacher type

Reaching aids are of three types, the claw, suction cup, and rotator type. Claw gripping aids feature claw-shaped jaws for holding items firmly. They also have a non-slip gripping surface which enables you to pick the item faster without dropping or damaging it. Claw grabbers are ideal for picking small items. Suction cup gripping aids have suction cups on the ends for attaching the items prior to lifting. Once the item has been picked, they remain tightly closed until the trigger is released. Suction cup grabbers are a great pick when picking delicate items or when changing light bulbs. Rotator grabbers or multi-purpose grippers have a swiveling head which allows you to pick items on tight corners without straining. Some models feature 90 degrees rotating head while other can swivel 180 or 360 degrees making it easy to adjust the head on vertical or horizontal position depending on the item you intend to pick.


The length of your reaching aid is very critical. It dictates how far you can reach. Short grabbers are a great pick if you are planning to use your tool to pick items not far from you like in the vehicle. Longer models are great for use at home for reaching tins on high shelves, changing light bulbs, collecting litter and objects on a high or low ground without straining your body. The longer the grabber, the heavier it is. Know what you would like to utilize your reaching aid for and choose one that matches your needs.


When picking items, the weight of your grabber together with the item you are picking tend to put more stress on your hands. A heavy reaching aid will strain your hands.  This can be very risky for arthritic individuals or people with hand dexterity. Some of the lightweight materials commonly used by manufacturers are aluminum and plastic. However, the fact a tool is designed using a lightweight material does not mean is the best fit for you. Take time and check the total weight of the tool on the product description to help you determine the ideal one for you. Plastic models tend to cost lower as compared to aluminum and are a good pick if you are on a budget. Aluminum material is more durable, rustproof and ultra-light as compared to plastic models. Always consider going for models that are exceptionally lightweight and long-lasting to be on the safe side.

Gripping power

Reaching aids feature different lifting weight limits depending on the tool's gripping power. Gripping heavy items than the recommended weight is risky not only to you but also to the grabber. Get to know the weight your grabber can withstand and determine whether it will be of help depending on how you would like to utilize it for.

Handle design

Just like any other tool, user comfort is critical when using reacher grabbers. To pick your item, you will rely on the handle for easy grip and grab which in this case it should be able to accommodate your hand perfectly well, feel comfortable and provide a secure grip to enable you to pick items with ease. Padded handles feel comfier and enable you to use your aid for an extended period.

Ease of use

Learning how to use a reaching aid requires some practice to properly master how the mechanism works. You may make some mistakes at first but with regular use, you can easily master the tricks to pick items of different sizes and shapes. The tool you choose should be easy to use and user-friendly.


The design of reaching aids is known to play a significant role in its efficiency. Rubber gripper and serrated teeth are known to deliver great gripping power and excellent traction. Anti-slip surface delivers better grip while preventing items with slippery surfaces from dropping. Reaching tools with magnetic tips facilitate easy to grip and grab of small or delicate items like metal and glass without damaging them.


Know what you can do and can’t do with your reaching aid. This will enable identify the right one for you. If you plan to use your tool outside, ensure it is rustproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Other features

Some models have hooks for picking keys and clothes easily. Others have a safety lock for holding your items firmly without any need of holding the handle. These additional features make the process more fun and exciting.

Ease of storage 

Reacher grabbers require proper storage when not in use. Models with hanger facilitate easy storage without overwhelming the space.


Most people jump to buying reaching aids without taking time to check the manufacturer’s warranty only to get disappointed. Read and understand the warranty conditions to avoid breaching the manufacturer's terms. A longer warranty keep you covered should your tool develop some issues.

How to use a reacher grabber safely

As much as reacher grabbers are dedicated to helping you pick items easily, using your aid improperly can increase your chances of getting injured. To ensure safety when using your tool, here are safety tips you should put in place.

Learn how the mechanism works

Understanding well how the grabber mechanism works will help you pick items without challenges. Start by reaching out small and less fragile items to master well how to operate it without any challenges. Once you are certain on your grabbing techniques, you can pick heavier items.

Know what you cannot pick with your reacher

While weight limits will bar you from picking certain items, the material of the object should also be factored out. In case your tool has a magnetic tip, avoid using it to reach tapes or floppy disks or else you will risk losing the stored information.

Know the weight of the item in advance

Reaching aids have weight limits and picking items with a reacher grabber that cannot withstand the bulkiness can cause much strain on your arm or risk breaking your tool jaws. Knowing the weight limit of your grabber will allow you to take precaution when picking heavy items.

Stand on a safe ground

Your kitchen floor may get wet or slippery making it unsafe to walk or pick items on high levels. Before you reach your objects, always ensure you are standing on a safe ground and the reaching tool you are using can grab it easily without straining your back or legs.

Avoid overstretching

Though you can stretch your hands to reach the item, overstretching makes the body unstable increasing the chances of losing balance. One way to reduce overstretching is to arrange the most used items on the front side of your cupboards to make them easily accessible. When reaching out to your items get close as possible.

Avoid using unstable aids

Sometime you may want to pick an item which is on a higher level and your reacher length is limiting you. In such cases, you should source for a ladder or a stable stool and ensure its stable enough. You can ask someone else to help hold the ladder or stool to minimize any chances of losing balance.

Take caution

Always be cautious when using a reaching aid when sleepy or on medication especially when picking items on high levels. In case you have a pain on the legs or shoulders, avoid picking items and drawing them towards your body but rather consider placing them on a table.

Avoid unhealthy positions

Avoid bending your body or straining it when reaching your items even on tight areas, let the grabber do its job. Take advantage of reacher with great swiveling head to allow you to reach items in different positions without straining your body.

What makes the best reacher grabber?

  • A great reaching aid should be comfy and ergonomically designed to help you pick items with ease
  • A good reacher grabber should grip items firmly without dropping or damaging them
  • A good reacher should help you perform the tasks its recommended for
  • A great reaching aid should be reliable and withstand the test of time


When we age, handling simple tasks become increasingly challenging and hard to handle. A reaching aid comes to your rescue not only when picking items on low or high grounds but also reaching those thorny shrubs on your yards while sparing your back and knee from unnecessary strain. The tools have great features to help you improve the quality of life. However, reaching aids are not equal. To be on the safe side, it is highly recommended to choose your preferred model depending on what your preferences. While the market will offer varied brands to choose from, the best reacher grabber you choose should be handy, comfy, ergonomically designed, durable, convenient, and easy to store.