The 8 Best 6×8 Speakers in 2019 (Reviews & Comparisons)

I have never seen anyone who loves their car's factory installed speakers. No, seriously! Songs are meant to touch our souls. But the sounds of factory installed speakers might not even reach our eardrums properly; the soul is way too far to reach.

You either change them right away or wait for them to die and replace it with better speakers. Bearing this in mind many brands, some famous and some new brands have built 6X8 speakers, specially designed for cars. From a wide range of quality, price, and brands we know that it's hard to choose the best speakers for our car.

You might find many brands selling same featured specifications with a higher price at the same time some other brands to sell them at a lower price. But you have to keep in mind that what do you want for your car. Whether you want budget friendly ones or you are ready to spend some extra cash for those extra beats and bass.

Before buying any electronic device, we should consider understanding the terms, technologies, and features very well. Without understanding there is a high possibility for money to get waste. Car speakers have so many terms and functions that it is natural to get confused. The relation of power handling with sensitivity, function of tweeter along with coaxial speakers, it just sounds so clumsy already. So if you want to buy new car speakers and if this is your first time then you are at the right place.

Here comes our best 6×8 speakers.

Quick Comparisons Between the Best 6x8 speakers 

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Here come the best 6X8 speakers from which you can easily choose, value and buy the one which you may consider the best for your car.

1. Pioneer TS-A6886R

Pioneer TS-A6886R

The new cosmetic designed Pioneer, TS-A Series speakers have entered the market to replace the built-in or factory installed speakers. It has decent bass and dynamic range along with a good price of the product.

It's not cheap, but you can't refer it as expensive. It will give a boost to your music and take it to a different level 350 watts max power. This speaker has been built to perform all types of genre of music. It can handle 60 watts of RMS power which make the speaker able to play the explosive songs.

With an easy to get the price, it has heat-resistant voice coil wire for dissipation of heat. It's a durable speaker being able to withstand high input power. The improvements of quality which are done in this speaker offer the best performance along with better sound quality and make it capable of playing that high bass music which we love nowadays. This product has been designed to make it light weight and give it rigidity. And as a result, it fits perfectly in a small space inside the car.

It gives a different taste of music from the ordinary speakers. The detailing of sound quality will introduce you to the new beat drops, bass, riffs which are supposed to be the essence of the song. It has a multilayer mica matrix cone which is popular for being light in weight. Being light, it can deliver smooth midrange sound and sensitivity. It also decreases the amount of distortion and gives deep bass sound.

Starting from looks, sound, and ending at performance quality it is better from all points than the factory installed speakers. It is a durable car speaker and a partner for enjoying music when going on a trip or for a daily routine when coming back home from work. And if you want to enjoy it to the fullest than pioneer TS-A6886R is an ideal choice, because of it's ability to fit anywhere, lightweight and super bass.

Highlighted Features

  • Top mount depth: 2 1/2" inches and bottom mount depth 2 13/16 inches
  • ​Impedance: 4 ohm
  • 4-way speaker
  • 350 watts max power
  • Multi Layer Mica Matrix Cone Design
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Less distortion
  • Detailed rhythms
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Deep bass
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive


  • Not waterproof
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2. Rockford R168X2

Rockford R168X2

This 6" x 8" speaker is one of the coolest factory replacement speakers. In over the past years, Rockford has made products which serve with the best audio experience, in cars especially.

This model has designed dome-shaped and good quality tweeter with a good range of both MAX and RMS power. The fact about this speaker which is important is that it can perform in a wide range of frequency.

Since the material by which the dome is made of effect a lot, this time rockford has decided to make silk dome, which makes sound smooth.It also has vacuum polypropylene cone and rubber surround. Both of this makes it powerful and durable.The fascinating thing is you will get grilles, and mounting hardware included.

Though its power handling are not that high, it is this feature which makes it easy to handle for everyone. Because the more the power the more expensive it's usage become, because to handle more power you will need to buy an amplifier as well.

Rockford always offers fantastic sound quality at a superb value. The best budget choice for replacing factory speakers. It's only 4.6 pounds and runs on 112V batteries. Often heavy car speakers become a problem, so this is a good choice for them who are seeking for lightweight speakers.

Highlighted Features

  • Silk dome
  • ​Mounted Tweeter
  • Integrated High-pass Crossover
  • 2-way full range speaker
  • 55 watts RMS
  • Vaccum polypropylene cone
  • Rubber Surround


  • Lightweight
  • Well designed
  • 2.5 Inches in Depth
  • High pass crossover
  • Durable
  • Easy to set


  • Decent bass
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3. Kenwood KFC-C6895PS

Kenwood KFC-C6895PS

Kenwood KFC-C6895PS is the best factory installed speaker replacement in the budget.

It is known as the best "mid-range" speaker in the market. Providing 4 speakers with 3-way car audio in this range inevitably puts up with the name.

It is a stereo coaxial speaker. When reading coaxial speaker you should have understood how easy it is going to be to set this speaker in your car. Coaxial speakers are popular for using a small space with an almost equal quality of sound like the big boom boxes needing a big space. Not only this it is capable of handling 360W MAX power, 720W for 4 pack and also RMS power 85W, 170W per 4 pack, which makes it a "super-speaker" on the market.

The speaker is designed for noise cancellation to achieve the best sound out of it with less distortion. The black steel basket helps to reduce unwanted noise disturbance. It has a decent bass which can also perform for a long run. And with such a huge range of frequency, it gives you the liberty to play any music.

The installation process is very easy. An addition of amplifier would increase its standard to a different level. The clarity of the sound you will get from it is usually rare with this range of speakers. This model of speakers will be an excellent way to replace the boring ones.

Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic tweeter
  • ​360W MAX power
  • Noise cancellation
  • 85W RMS power
  • Frequency: 63-20000 Hz
  • 3 Way Speaker
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB
  • Top-mount depth: 2-3/8"


  • Super Duty Product
  • Good bass
  • Inexpensive
  • Well designed


  • Bass could have been better
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4. Kenwood KFC-C6893PS

Kenwood KFC-C6893PS

This speaker comes in great value with great sound quality of high notes and mid range. It will improve your car's sound system the way you always wanted. The sound worth of your money. It comes in pair and fits almost in every car but again depending on some factors.

The conical design and custom fitting make it comfortable and stylish to use. Whenever you will read coaxial speaker, you should understand that you are going to fit a full form beast speaker in a small space. A good choice for the people who loves high bass music and racing.

With such power comes great responsibility. And the speaker knows how to make your soul groove with its beat. A huge 240W MAX power makes it a monster giving you the opportunity to listen different range. It can handle massive power which car and music lovers love the most about speakers. No Power no fun. A great deal to replace factory installed boring speakers. Its installation process is also very easy because it is custom fit speakers. Surely this product is going to surprise you with its quality and durability being in this price range.

Highlighted Features

  • Co-axial speakers
  • ​Image enhancer technology
  • Diamond array cone
  • 240W MAX power
  • 80W RMS power
  • Custom fit speaker system


  • Durable
  • Clear sound and fuller music experience
  • Inexpensive


  • Not so good bass
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5. Kicker DS68

8 Best 6×8 Speakers in 2019

This 6" x 8" speaker is a two-way car speaker. It can fit into any vehicle and it is also durable. With a well-built design and linear excursion, it gives the best sound at this price. It's tweeter is well balanced and well-functioning. This one is a highly powered speaker at this range of price.

Kicker has designed this speaker to bring a new level of sound to the vehicle. The best budget choice for getting better quality speakers than the factory installed ones. It provides a wide range of 43 to 21,000 HZ frequency response and expert in handling 140 watts RMS power. It is an excellent speaker to have, which is why the company has paved the way for you to buy this speaker in budget.

And since it is a product of kicker you will get a warranty for 2 years. Yes, you read it right. The confidence on the manufacturing is so high that they don't even bother to give a long time warranty. First 1 year you will get a full manufacturer warranty through kicker and 2nd year VMInnovations extended warranty.

The frequency of the speaker is praiseworthy. Because its range is so vast that it can easily play any song of any genre. Whether the song is of low notes or high notes with extra bass. It has a feature of an extended voice coil technology for ultra-clean bass and for precise linear excursion and optimum sound.

The first impression of the price might make you think that it is a little over price, but surely after reading the features and the reviews of the user, you will come to understand that it is worth every penny. With it's in built quality and durability you won't be disappointed. The performance quality will always remind you that the money you spent on it was worth it.

These two-way speakers are durable, performs great with good sound and clarity and been given with two years of warranty, does not give you any reason for not buying this one. It can do everything starting from giving long time service per day to a greater bass and with optimum sound.

Just perfect.

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-clean bass
  • ​voice coil technology
  • UV treated surround allows precise linear excursion
  • Balanced dome tweeter
  • 90dB sensitivity
  • 70 watts RMS power per pair


  • Durable
  • 2 years warranty
  • Excellent bass
  • Optimum sound


  • A little expensive
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6. Alpine SPR-68

Alpine SPR-68

The speaker is made for clear and loud sound. It has been built with multi-layer hybrid fiber woofers for strong bass. It is a good alternative to factory installed speakers and a nice partner for using it along with amplified stereos.

The best choice for the car lovers who loves loud music. With an excellent high power handling capability, it can adapt to any type of music. You will not get 600W power handling car speakers that easily, even with in this budget.

The built quality of this speaker is praiseworthy. So much attention was given to it's performance which you can understand from the detailing of the speaker. In this product, neodymium magnets are used. This magnet is smaller than the usual magnets but is more powerful. And it helps to fit them in tighter spaces than many traditional speakers.

To choose the speaker for your car is a difficult choice to make. you feel like to check out all the speaker on the market. But that is literally not possible. But with this speaker, you are definitely going to get the taste of all good features. If you are ready to spend some extra cash for it then this is the best deal.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 WAY coaxial speaker
  • ​Mount depth 2-9/16
  • High amplitude multi-roll
  • 200W RMS
  • 600W power handling
  • Multi-layered hybrid fiber cone
  • Santoprene rubber surround


  • Durable
  • Multi-layered hybrid fiber
  • Strong bass
  • Extended cone movement
  • Rubber surrounding provides consistent


  • Little Expensive
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7. Pioneer TSD6802R

Pioneer TSD6802R

Pioneer is always ahead of all other companies in regard to making speakers or any music related devices. The Pioneer TSD6802R is one of the best product. When I said "best product" I mean it in every sense. Starting at a low price it continues to grow your interest in buying this one. A great choice to replace the factory installed speakers.

The D series speaker is built with industry's first basalt fiber which is made fro natural rock interwoven with aramid fiber. This fiber material is rigid and better absorbent. And with a rear chamber tweeter, which extends mid-range frequency. The transition from mid to high ranges is super smooth and all credit goes to high quality crossover. And you are getting all of this quality in a single device with the minimum value.The rear chamber tweeter which is inspired by PRS speakers made previously. The feature was popular because of improved vocal imaging.

With better absorbent and enhancing stability, it makes the music to get under our skin. It is a full package of quality, performance, stability, durability and what not. This speaker is worth of every penny that you will be spending on it. And most importantly you won't be spending much either.

Highlighted Features

  • Aramid fiber cone
  • ​Soft dome tweeter with rear chamber
  • Wave guides with dispersion control
  • Passive crossover
  • 2 way speaker
  • Frequency- 30-32000 Hz
  • PEI tweeter composition
  • Dual-layer IMX
  • Comprised of volcanic rock fibers
  • 88 dB sensitivity
  • RMS power range 60W
  • 260W peak power handling


  • Powerful
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Improved vocal imaging


  • RMS power handling could have been better
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8. Pioneer TS-A6882R

Pioneer TS-A6882R

Once again Pioneer continues to make music extraordinary from ordinary. With each of its product, something improved and exceptional comes in our hands. The most interesting thing about pioneer is that its improvements and features have nothing to do with its price.

You can easily get a good speaker in a good budget, and again if you are interested in spending extra cash you will get better qualities as well. This incredible speaker is a beast in its own style. It will get under your skin whether the song is mild or rock.

Pioneer TS-A6882R is a four-way speaker. It can handle a super power of 280W MAX. It has three independent tweeters with reinforced woofers. The different types of tweeters let you enjoy all the layers of the music and notes, whether it's the high notes or lower ones.

Because of woofers, you can enjoy every single beat. With serious booming bass and better and bigger cone, it gives you an extraordinary feeling of the music.IMPP cone with interlaced aramid fiber gives strength and rigidity to the speaker for providing it's listeners with powerful bass sound and transfers sound quickly.

This speaker is everything you want for your car. It has the power to handle that bass and beats; it can withstand extreme temperatures or sunlight, it will also fit in most of the cars. The best replacement speaker for factory built boring speakers.

Highlighted Features

  • MAX 280 Watts
  • ​IMPP cone with interlaced dual aramid fiber
  • dome midrange, half inch dome tweeter and dome super tweeter
  • 90 dB sensitivity
  • Full depth basket
  • 4 way speakers
  • Woofers features IMPP cone
  • 35 Hz to 27000 Hz frequency


  • Good sensitivity
  • Durable
  • Clear Sound
  • Rich bass
  • Well designed


  • Can be too loud
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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best 6x8 speakers

You can search for 6×8 car speakers at any time on Amazon. You will get all the features and specifications including their price and everything. But the difficulty you are going to face is that how you are going to decide which one will suit your car or need. Here I will discuss in detail that what are the things that you should pay attention before buying 6×8 car speakers.

MAX or RMS Power Handling

A speaker always has a limit above which it can't handle any more power. By power handling, we are referring to that power limit. Different speakers are built for dealing with a different range of power. It is very important while using speakers. Otherwise, the speakers might get dysfunctional. There are two types o power one is maximum power and another is RMS power which means the amount of continuous power which is controlled by the speaker. So if you need speakers of higher RMS and MAX power then you will need to look for it. Not all the brands provide extra power.

Sound Emission

You can also call it or will read in the features as the sensitivity. It is the amount of sound from the speaker which is emitted from the power source. In simple words the more the sensitivity of the speakers the more powerful sound you will get out of your speakers. So you should always look out for a greater sensitivity in a speaker when you are looking for a low power speaker and vice versa.


There is always a range of frequency in every sound related device. No wonder you have to keep in mind the frequency range here as well. Frequency is measured in Hz. So if in the feature section "frequency" word is not mentioned but Hz is written with a range then you should understand it is the frequency range. On the basis of frequency, you will understand that how low or high the sound will get down or rise. As a result, it is also an important feature to look for.

Coaxial Speakers

Well, coaxial speakers utilize the little car space to provide you with the best sound. Usually to get better sound you need to set many things up even that in a larger place. Not in a vehicle. So coaxial speakers let you enjoy music with that extra bass and beats to feel the music at the fullest.

FlexFit Basket

The main function of this is to utilize space. It offers adjustment while mounting the speaker. Often the speakers come with holes for screws but with flexfit basket mounting in the car becomes easy. It's presence can also decrease the need for the black box.


Woofers are the surrounding which is given to the speakers to protect it from the bangs, scrapes, cracks, humidity etc. Now the thing which you need to consider before buying is that what type of woofer has been provided with that particular speaker. If the woofer is of foam or cloth materials then those will not last for a long time. Good brands provide well-built rubber surroundings. And another important thing about woofer is that the response of the speakers depends on a lot on the quality of the woofer. The construction material can make it stiffer and lighter which can ultimately make it sound better. Polypropylene, kevlar, titanium, aluminum etc are used and thus varies in price.


The design of the car speakers is very important thing to consider. Because first of all, you need to fit the speakers inside the car, within the given space. Secondly, if you want to show them off the speakers than you don't only need perfect size speakers but also the good looking ones. One thing to not worry about is that most of the car speakers are built keeping the showing off part in mind, yes you read it right. But then again you have your own choices. The speakers come in different colors, casings, surroundings, speaker grills, lights etc.


So the thing with tweeter is that it gives you smooth sound and also it can give you high notes. It is exactly why you should always pay attention to your need. If you want smooth sound than tweeters made of textile blends, poly, silk etc will be best for you. Again if you want radiant high notes then tweeter made of metal or ceramics are best. In the market, you will find detachable tweeters, pivoting tweeters etc. The former one can be installed in the coaxial and component system. With the later one, you can have lively and dynamic sound.

Final Verdict

The features that I have discussed elaborately, those are the ones you will find in every speaker or separately in different ones. All the speaker in the market comes with their own strategy. Some brands are in the market from the beginning, while some have come to introduce affordable ones with good enough speakers.

Surely you will find your required one in the market, what you will have to do is that browse a little and know about the features to look for if you don't know already. The models mentioned in this articles are the best 6×8 Speakers in the market, holding different types of the price range, materials, and quality. Consider those advantages and disadvantages of the products, put in your list which suits your taste, do some research, compare items on online and buy the best one for yourself.

You should never buy a product which is cheap but not durable. Because it is very important for every electronic device to be durable. I don't think any amount of your earned money deserves to get waste. So read the article carefully and decide wisely.